10 Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

10 Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

Hi everyone! I’m Cait from Cait’s Cozy Corner and I’m so excited to be guest blogging on Raquel’s blog today! I wanted to share some fun ideas for your main man because I feel like whenever my husband’s birthday comes along I have no idea WHAT to get him! I’m sure you’ve been in the same boat too so hopefully you’ll get some great ideas! I chat about fashion, fitness and my little growing family of four over on my blog so feel free to check it out! Thanks again for having me Raquel!

*This post is a sponsored post with Smoky Mountain Beard Company.

10 Gift ideas for the man who has everything (1)

It’s that time of year again where you have no idea what to get your guy for his birthday. I’ve been there too! But fear not, because you’re in luck! I’ve put together a list of 10 ideas you can buy your man for his special day!

Whatever item you may be thinking of, make it unique and something he’s sure to say “Wow, I never thought of that!” Especially when he seems to have everything! So let’s dive into these fun and unique items. Hopefully one of these will spark the interest of your guy!

leathertechorganizer.jpgImage: Pinterest

1. Leather  Tech Organizer– Is your main guy someone who always misplaces his headphones or his cell phone? Why not help him out ( and make him look cool ) by getting him a leather tech organizer to keep his headphones and cell phone in! Plus, organization is clearly key here so he can grab and go when he’s running late! I love monograming it as well to make it more personable!

Image: Smoky Mountain Beards

  1. Beard Grooming ProductsDoes your man ever need a good trim but he doesn’t want to pay the money for it? Smoky Mountain Beard Company has the perfect beard trimming tools for his small whiskers or fuller beard. This is the ultimate beard care of grooming kits. This complete beard kit is available for you to choose his favorite scent from the Oil and Balm, to their delicious soaps. The kit also includes a mustache wax, a boar bristle beard brush, beard and mustache scissors and a Kent Beard Comb. Whatever his grooming needs are, Smoky Mountain Beard Co. has got you covered.

Image: Smoky Mountain Beards

  1. Fun Shirts– I love giving fun unique shirts as gifts. These shirts are super soft and lightweight. Your mountain man will love to wear on long hikes or even just around the house. I love the logo and cute sayings! They’re so nice you might want to purchase more than one!

Image: Smoky Mountain Beards

  1. Koozies– It might just be my main guy but he can never have enough koozies with him or for his buddies to keep his beer cold. In that case, you might want to take a look at some fun koozes with hilarious sayings or his favorite football team! Bottoms up everyone!

  1. Candy Bouquet– My husband has a huge sweet tooth and I love creating little ways to incorporate his favorite candies into a gift. Why not try a fun candy bouquet of snickers, M&MS and twizzlers with a cute card? Whatever his candy preference you can make it fun and meaningful!

racingcars.jpgImage: Xtreme Xperience

  1. Need For Speed!  – Does your man love speed? Does he love exotic cars? Why not combine both passions and sign him up to drive exotic cars thanks to XTreme Xperience! If Nascar is more his speciality, try and find one that offers a ride along or even driving yourself! I was able to do one a few year ago and had a blast!

  1. Comedy Night – If you’re looking for a night on the town but want a good laugh- skip the movies and enjoy a comedy night at a local night club! These are always fun to go either with a group of friends or just a casual date night. Be prepared to walk away with your abs hurting!

personalizedmug.jpegImage: Pinterest

  1. Personalized Mugs – Does your guy like to host parties? Does  a beer always tends to be in his hand? Why not have him host a beer tasting party with his friends to enjoy the different flavors of each in his personalized mugs? They could have his name on it, his initials or a funny saying he always says! Whatever the choice, he’ll love using it everyday!

  1. Kindle Fire– Is your man a bookwork? Does he always come home with more books than you can count?! Grab him a Kindle Fire and let him read until his heart’s content ( and you’re space isn’t filled up! ) My husband loves his Kindle Fire and it always make it convenient for him to travel with instead of hugs books in his suitcase.

  1. Gift Card– Although some people say it may not be personable, gift cards are simple, easy and a great way to have your man pick out what he may have no already told you he wants! It could be a gift card to a new restaurant or a place he can shop and grab what he needs!

There are so many more unique and fun items for your man to enjoy for a special celebration! In fact, sometimes it’s fun to even surprise your guy with something sweet as a just because and not because it’s an anniversary. Don’t we all love surprises?! The point of all these gifts though is that you did it just for him.

Have any other gift ideas for your man? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Kylie Wenn says:

    Man whom has everything… Well, still need something, isn’t it?

  2. Man who has everything, but he wasnt my man. Hahahah

  3. Miera Nadhirah Rashidi says:

    Great ideas on how to get things for men… It always frustrates me when I dont know what to buy for my man…

  4. Jia Shin Lee says:

    Great idea but I think the best gift my husband will like is a night out, just the 2 of us, for a dinner followed with a drinking session.

  5. Rawlins Glam says:

    Ok. Now I am confused as to what to buy – all seems pretty legit! Hehe. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  6. Jane Chua says:

    Thanks for the idea. I know what to get for my hubby on his birthday.

  7. Tengku Ahmad Syamil says:

    Old-school hardcopy books work, too! 🤓

  8. Shubhada Bhide says:

    I loved these ideas especially the tech organizer and something personalized. Will give one such gift to my man on his bday!

  9. Kelly Chin says:

    Comedy night and dinner would be awesome! men love to laugh and eat

  10. Mable Maeve Seah says:

    Great source of reference!!! I would go for tech organizer or beard stuff

  11. Emily Lowe says:

    Thanks for these awesome tips. I’d go for books and unique cuff links myself.

  12. You just nailed everything in one post. This is amazing thanks for sharing such awesome post.

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