About Me

About the blog

Thanks for reading my blog! My name is Raquel Sara (if you didn’t know already). I am a vocal, and passionate person who is a huge advocate about being true to yourself… which is why I decided to start a blog!

While I am an avid social media “nerd”, blogging is definitely new to me. I’ve tried a few times in the past to start blogging, but the success was shortcoming. So here I am today, after being inspired by the many gurus I follow such as Daily Dose of Darling, and Extra Petite.

While this blog is a form of expression, my goal serves a greater purpose. I hope this blog brings you insight, smiles, but most of all inspiration and encouragement to be yourself. Don’t fall accustomed to what may be considered “society’s norm”.  Embrace what makes you unique and own it; I know you can do it!


About Raquel

I am a 22 year old Long Island native, but far from typical. After traveling across country I expanded my horizons and took on the world. My love for traveling and food makes me anything but boring. I have a huge family including my dog Bagel…yes that’s his real name…no you can’t eat him. I live life with passion and commitment. Some might say I’m stubborn – but I like to say I don’t give up. I’m a graduate from the University At Buffalo and currently work in Marketing as a Social Media Strategist. I love to sing, I love to eat, I can be loud but I can also be quiet, most of all – I love to love.