My List

While I am new to the blogging world, I am very familiar with the famous bucket list posts. So without further or due, I am excited to share with you my bucket list – my list of life goals, hopes, and greatest ambitions. I hope this gives you a better understanding of who I am, and motivates you to create your own!

Here we go!

*Updated March 2017


Travel cross-country

Bucket list
Go somewhere tropical
Visit concentration camps
Visit all the Greek Islands
Sleep under the Northern Lights
Visit all 50 states (27/50)
Cruise to the Bahamas

Bucket list


Surfing (successfully)
Zip Lining Over A Forest
Swim with Dolphins
Water rafting
Go on set of a live show
Preform Solo
Scuba Dive
Float In The Dead Sea
Meet Someone Famous

Bucket list
Go to a Drive In Movie
Hike the Grand Canyon
Ride a Camel
Ride a donkey
Sleep in the Bedouin Tents
Sleep under the stars in the Negev Desert


Live On My Own
Live in an Apartment
Rent an Apartment in New York City
Travel with Friends
Have Foreign Best Friends
Get Engaged
Get Married
Own a Home
Have Children
Be Married for 30+ years
Have a Dog

Bucket list
Own a Jeep
Graduate College
Graduate with a 3.5+ (3.7)
Make Deans List
Join Phi Beta Kappa
Be an Aunt


Join a Hot Yoga studio
Gain 15lbs of muscle
Work out weekly
Comfortably do 5 miles of cardio
Work out multiple times a week
Comfortable do 3 miles of cardio


Sing classical voice (lessons for 15 years)
Basic guitar
Learn basic photography
Take a Photography class
Master Photoshop
Sing solo at Carnegie Hall (2010)
Web design 
Speak fluent Hebrew (work in progress)


Have a production internship (Sesame Street)
Bucket list
Bucket list
Have a Public Relations Internship (JDRF)
Accept a job after college (Social Media Strategist)
Work full time for a children’s not for profit organization
Become a Marketing Manager for a company
Be the head of a Social Media department
Run my own business


500 views in a month
1,000 views in a month
50,000 views in a month
100,000 views in a month
Make 100 dollars in a month through blogging
1,000 dollars in a moth through blogging
5,000 dollars in a month through blogging
Purchase a new wordpress theme
Post content once a week
Get 500 followers on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest
Get 1,000+ followers on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest
Blog consistently for a year
Blog consistently for 5 years
Collaborate with companies / brands