Social Media Week Key Takeaways

As a Social Media Strategist, my company sent me to the Social Media Week conference in Manhattan. I have attended other conferences of the like before, however this one greatly exceeded my expectations. As described on their website; Social Media Week is “a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.” I know – sounds awesome right? Well it was. Keep reading to learn about my Social Media Week Key Takeaways!


Joined at the Times Center with hundreds of other social media nerds, we all gathered together with our laptops and mobile devices and tuned into #SMWNYC on twitter. If you want to learn some social media/marketing tips – I recommended you check it out.

Hosts of each session ranged from Facebook, The New York Times, Viacom, The Atlantic, Giphy, Pinterest and more! You can see the full schedule here.

Because this was a weeklong conference, I chose the two most relevant days for me to attend. Each day was jam packed, but I was excited and ready to learn! So, grab your notebook & get ready for my Social Media Week Key Takeaways!

Social Media Week Key Takeaways

  1. The Future of Social Media

    Everything is digital. If you are not familiar with the digital realm, you better read up because the digital era is not slowing down anytime soon. Whether it’s social media, blogging, email, or marketing as a whole – knowing how to create good quality digital content is essential to the success of any business or entrepreneur.

    This is especially so in terms of moving picture. Think about it, when you log onto Facebook what do you see? That’s right, video. Video content is organically shown to a wider audience through Facebook’s algorithm; so this is something to keep a close eye on. Youtube is another prime example of how successful digital video is. Youtube is a search engine in itself and is on track to surpassing the amount of time people spend watching TV. In today’s day in age, this isn’t a surprise.

    Next, machine assisted communication is on the rise! That’s right…bots. Have you ever messaged a brand’s Twitter or Facebook account and received an extremely prompt reply? It’s not a timing coincidence, it most likely was a chat bot. Why interact with a human when the bot can do all the communication for you? This on itself is a whole ‘nother topic for debate, but artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Embrace it.

    And lastly, virtual reality! You’ve likely seen the Samsung Gear VR Headset on a commercial… or at least heard about it through all the built up chatter. This is something we’ve seen in movies growing up – but guess what, it’s real and it’s here. Want to go to Mars for an afternoon? Well now you can, through VR. While it’s not extremely popular right now, it is expected to continue to grow and become the forefront of technology as we know it.

    Cool stuff, right?!

  2. Embrace Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is when brands collaborate with key leaders in their market to get their message across to a larger audience. This is often seen through sponsored blog posts, social posts, YouTube vlogs, it’s everywhere. I like to call it the modern day form of advertising. What’s great about it is that consumers or customers are gaining honest insight from people they know and trust.

  3. Know Your Social Platforms

    Every social media platform has a different purpose. While they may have similar features, it is important to really understand their differences to know which content should be shared where. Here are some stats-

    Facebook: a platform used for personal discovery, has 1.86 billion users worldwide. Out of those 1.86 billion users, 1.2 billion log in everyday with 8 billion video views on the platform.
    Instagram: 24% of 18-24 year olds say they use this visual platform the most.
    Twitter: with 300 million tweets per day (9/10 being used for news), this platform is a public form of wider conversation.
    Pinterest: users go to Pinterest with a purpose – to shop. 72% of users say the platform has introduced them to new brands.
    Snapchat: with 10 million video views a day, this platform is considered the number 1 most enjoyably communication platform.

    These days there are so many different social platforms, and with that comes some challenges for marketers. We need to learn to plan across the various platforms. Finding your voice on the platform while capturing your audience’s attention is a must!

  4. All Brands Should Be Using User Generated Content

    First and foremost, User Generated Content (UGC) – what is it? It’s basically what it sounds like; content created by individuals that use your product or service. The Instagram post below is a perfect example. I was so excited about my new Clarks sandals that I had to create a post on Instagram. By simply sharing that post, I’ve created UGC for Clarks. However, if Clarks saw my post and decided to reuse it for their own advertising purposes, (with my permission) that would be also be considered UGC.

Campaigns that encourage consumers/customers to develop or share UGC proves to be extremely beneficial. Here are some points/stats:

  • UGC helps to increase word of mouth
  • 92% of customers worldwide say they trust word of mouth over any other kind of advertising
  • Reviews are another form of UGC that helps to increase ROI.
  • 64% of customers value online reviews and will actively seek them out before making a purchasing decision
  • 86% of businesses are now using content marketing
  • UGC based ads get 4x higher CTRs

So there you have it, my Social Media Week Key Takeaways! If you’re a brand, entrepreneur, or marketer like myself – I highly suggest you visit their site and subscribe to SMW Insider. This will give you access to 100+ hours of presentations, talks, and interviews from previous conferences. It’s definitely worth it in my opinion.

Now, get to work you social butterflies 😉

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